About Mijas Costa                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Mijas Costa is a beautiful area located along an approximately 12 kilometer long sandy beach. On the beach is plenty to do: you can find various water sports, including jet skis, water skis and windsurfing. The lively town of Mijas Costa is equipped with everything. All facilities are available here; supermarkets, golf courses, sports centers, bars and restaurants. 


Mijas the white village. (10 min drive)

Mijas is situated over 400 meters above sea level. The park Mijas Pueblo you can stroll and enjoy the beautiful views of the coast and the mountains. Mijas has five urban centers: Mijas Pueblo, Las Lagunas in Mijas Costa, the coastal towns of La Cala, Riviera and Calahonda. Beyond that Mijas itself is an attraction, there is also plenty to see in the village. You can admire beautiful churches and interesting buildings in Mijas is to find the only bullring in Spain which is square. Another attraction is the botanical garden of the Mijas La Muralla hot.


La Cala de Mijas 

Mijas is one of the original fishing villages on the Costa del Sol, in the province of Malaga. A charming village with a restored Moorish tower, a pleasant village atmosphere and lots of charisma. 

Mijas is a very popular seaside resort with many fine restaurants, shops, pharmacy and "chiringuitos" (beach bars), situated between Fuengirola and Marbella, near the popular urbanization of Calahonda and Malaga international airport is only 20 minutes drive . 

It is very quiet, not completely overloaded with tourists, but you will have everything you need, a beautiful golden sandy beach and not far away from it are larger cities with more action.

Where to go

Malaga and its cultural attractions are just 30 minutes away, the lovely and cheerful city of Fuengirola and Mijas Pueblo traditional, both just 10 minutes, and the exclusive Marbella in the west, is about 20 minutes. Mijas is a perfect holiday destination from which many other cities can be visited. You can take a bus into the city center, which can take you to Fuengirola and Marbella .. 



La Cala Golf, Santana Golf, El Chapparral and Mijas Golf are all in the immediate vicinity and are excellent options for a golf game. 

Dining out

Mijas may be small, but there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Typical Spanish 'menu del dia' -restaurants, seafood restaurants, Indian, British, Thai to good old Irish pub. Choice of abundance so, and you are not satisfied? Jump in the car and drive to Fuengirola where choice is even greater.  


La Cala de Mijas is a subtropical Mediterranean climate: hot summers and warm winters. The average temperature in summer is around 32 ° C, but the cool breeze from the sea make this bearable.


Castillo Sohail

The famous landmark is the Sohail Castle Fuengirola. This castle is strategically located on a higher part of town. It was built in the tenth century by the Moors and served to defend the estuary. Because of the favorable location, it is also used in the time of the Romans. Since losing its military function, the castle has been seriously neglected.

Since the 80s it was completely renovated. Today it is a tourist attraction with five exhibition rooms and stunning views over the sea and Fuengirola. Entrance is free. In addition, the castle is a place for locals to relive the history of the city.

In the summer there are many events and festivals on the hill. Here you can also park for free and over the bridge up the promenade of Fuengirola. 


Constitution Plaza

This is the most famous square in Fuengirola. There can be found very nice restaurants and cafes. It's also super busy in the summer. Especially in the evening you should have been here once. When the sun has set, creates a cozy atmosphere thanks to the intimate lighting. Usually there is live music.


In the middle of the square is a beautiful old church Parroquia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario. It is the main church of Fuengirola. It is well maintained and has a very elegant interior. Often hosts weddings and christenings organized. Opposite the church is a beautiful fountain. This fountain is described in Article 2 of the Spanish Constitution in force since 1978. The square is named after the new Spanish monarchy.

From the train station and the beach is five minutes walk. Under the square is a parking garage.



Puerto - Fuengirola

It is a major tourist resort with 8 km sandy beach as Los Boliches, Gaviotas and Torreblanca and the boulevard, the Paseo Maritimo.

Enjoy your holidays in Fuengirola walking along the wide boulevard with colorful flowers and palm trees. Fuengirola can be considered a favorite spot for many tourists and families for their holidays in southern Spain.

On Tuesday there is a market (El Mercadillo), the largest outdoor market on the coast.

Feria de los pueblos: This festival takes place at the fairground. At this party, there are about 30 eateries in each cottage settles a country and then presenting their traditions of dance, folklore and gastronomy.

Although there are mainly hobby boats, it is always fun to walk through a port. It is often crowded and there can be found a few restaurants. In addition, many sports are organized from the port. Here also leave the ferry to Benalmádena and dolphin excursion. Tickets from  Port Ticket Office  available. Furthermore, here SouldPark (fair) and the little train that runs along the attractions of Fuengirola.

For purely beautiful boats is Monaco or the neighboring Marbella (Puerto Banús José) is a better option, but for a fun excursion or activity on the water is the port of Fuengirola a top spot! 

In the port you will find a nice Dutch pub. The Family Bar. 


Mijas Costa

Mijas town, Las Lagunas, Mijas Costa, Riviera del Sol, Miraflores and Calahonda, all coming in the municipality of Mijas, and all attractive tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol.




Mijas is a golfer's paradise, like much of the Costa del Sol. It offers some of the best courses and is a highly recommended destination for avid golfers: Mijas Golf Internatioal, Miraflores, Golf La Cala Resort Golf, La Siesta Golf, La Noria and Santana Golf & Country Club are all located within the municipality Mijas. Miraflores is also home to a bowls club.



Year-round excellent Mediterranean climate Mijas offers the perfect setting for both summer and winter beach holidays. The municipality has 12 kilometers of golden sandy beaches with the best facilities, excellent dining on the beach and many activities from water sports, fitness on the beach, children's attractions and beach yoga.

The excellent beach of La Cala de Mijas has been awarded a Blue Flag for cleanliness, please note that it can sometimes be quite windy. The beaches of El Faro de Calaburras, El Charcon and Beach Calahonda are all excellent options. Straight down from Mijas Pueblo yourself, you arrive in Fuengirola and the beaches of the city, offering excellent facilities, clean sand and calm water.



Hikers can enjoy numerous rural paths which run inland through pine forests and surrounding peaks. The tracks leading to the Hermitage of the Cross (19th century) or the old marble quarry are just some of the tempting options that await the visitor.



Mijas has its own regional cuisine style, with well-known and delicious dishes such as garlic soup, Ccachorreñas (potatoes, cod and "cachorreña" orange juice), Maimones (bread, garlic and oil) and its own version of tomato soup. You also must try the famous Gazpachuelo, a soup of potatoes, bread and mayonnaise.


Mijas has its own regional cuisine style, with famous and delicious dishes such as garlic soup, Cachorreñas (potatoes, cod and "cachorreña" orange juice), Maimones (bread, garlic and oil) and its own version of tomato soup. You should also try the famous gazpachuelo, a soup of potatoes, bread and mayonnaise.



Feria de Mijas is an event to attend many neighboring towns and villages. Every year, between 7 and 12 September, the village is lavishly decked out to celebrate its annual feria. The whole village, both Spaniards and natives, takes part in the festivities in honor of the patron saint of the city, the Virgen de la Peña. The festivals of Las Lagunas and La Cala (25 July) also attended and have fun! Also well attended and lots of fun!




Mijas as the rest of his counterparts on the Costa del Sol has a subtropical Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and warm winters. Cool breezes from the sea make the summer heat manageable, temperatures average 32 ° C in summer.


Caminito del Rey

The El Chorro Gorgeo (La Garganta del Chorro) is a beautiful place, with giant cliffs of up to 400 meters high, along the entire length (3 kilometers). El Chorro can be translated as the stream, what did the water when it went through the narrow gorge. The difference in height between the reservoirs at both ends of the gaps provided a unique opportunity to generate water energy; At that time an almost revolutionary concept.



More than 3000 years of history of the city of Malaga, the Phoenician origin to the beautiful and cosmopolitan city which attracts tourists from all over the world is fascinating. 

The Roman Theater and the pools of Garum transport you to the days of the Roman Hispania. The Alcazaba is on his side the best living example of Islamic rule. Live from the Shrine of Victory reconquest by the Catholic Monarchs. Or stroll along the San Agustin Street, the former street of the knights, the Palacio de Buenavista as the main element.

Learn more about the glorious past of our grapes in the Wine Museum. Find out why the name of the bridge of Los Alemanes. See works of art, some of them are sacred in the same cathedral, which to this day celebrated today during celebrations such as Holy Week in Malaga. 

Explore the main street of Malaga for more information about the Marques de Larios. Come to the Plaza de la Constitución, where most of the social events of the city are held. Admire buildings from different eras and be enchanted by all the stories containing the city. 


Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is an area for people who are a luxurious lifestyle, exclusive shops and luxury relaxation can afford on the Costa del Sol. Hence you will find the marina and the surrounding area abundant designer boutiques and luxury restaurants. Opulent, spectacular, extravagant and expensive are some of the synonyms that apply to the glamorous parties and events and nightlife in illustrious venues such as the Marbella Club Hotel and Olivia Valere.

Things to do in Puerto Banús

You will find in Puerto Banus a wide range of restaurants, terraces and bars for all tastes. At night the place turns into a glittering gathering place for celebrities. The marina itself gives shelter to some of the most beautiful yachts and on the streets you can see the most luxurious cars. Regarding leisure Puerto Banus is home to an aquarium and a cinema with English films.



Marbella is a fashionable resort in Andalusia, Spain, on the Mediterranean, between Malaga and Gibraltar, and at the foot of the Sierra Blanca.

Marbella is the  holiday destination of the jet set, princes, millionaires or people from show business . Today it is a nice town with beautiful boulevards, parks and gardens, a historic center and the most famous marina Puerto Banús, the Mediterranean Sea, where you will find the most beautiful yachts.

The old part of Marbella is a nice place to visit during the day and especially at night. When night falls in places like Patio de los Naranjos and the terraces filled later in the evening everyone disappears in the bars nearby for a drink.

There are many things to do in Marbella, such as the old town and walk the many malls for those who want to spend shopping time. Nice places to visit: The old town, the Santo Cristo de la Vera Cruz Church, Ermita del Calvario, the Bonsai Museum, Museo Ralli, Villa Romana de Río Verde, Termas Romanas Guadalmina, Basilica paleocristiana the Vega del Mar, Yacimiento fenicio Río Real, Pecho Redondo Caves, Caverns Nagüeles, Bajadilla beach, Fuerte beach Fontanilla beach.


Gibraltar is a British overseas territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean. It has an area of ​​6.8 square kilometers and a northern border with Andalusia, Spain.

Gibraltar is a British enclave  , and you feel like you are in England. You can buy all kinds of English produce and looks even driving the red double-decker buses. Since 1929, people drive there just right. The inhabitants are bilingual so you can go there in both English and Spanish. You can pay with pounds and Euros, but the parking meters only work on pounds.

Gibraltar is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom (England). The town  lies on a peninsula in southern Spain , but just off the southern tip. The area borders the Strait of Gibraltar, the passage from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.

The Strait of Gibraltar is the strait (transit) between Morocco and Spain. At its narrowest point, the country 14 kilometers apart.

Gibraltar is ideal for a day of shopping, you will find many shops situated around the attractive harbor. It's a great place to visit, especially if you are looking for duty free items. You can visit the Rock where you can see the only European monkey, you can visit the nature reserve, or wandering in the natural caves where you will find stalactites and -mites.